Wednesday, November 12, 2008

and yet another CRAFT NIGHT!!

So thanks to allllllllllll the women who made our last Craft Night so successful! I had a blast and definitely enjoyed the time away eating and crafting. We are working on making more space for everyone. It will be good. Anyway here are the next months products. Let me know if you are interested.

Monday, November 10, 2008

My Mom "The Photographer"!!!

I finally figured out the small picture issue (Thanks again Mom). I added a few of the girls!

I am totally laughing right now because these pictures are so small. I know there is a way to fix that but like I know what that is. HA! Anyways, here is Jett at 8 months old. My mom did such a good job. She pretty much has her own studio in her house. It's Great! THANKS MOM!!!! Your the Best!
Jett is so special to all of us. The girls can't keep their hands off of him, Brik always says, "Mom, I can't believe how cute he is", and Matt's heart melts every time he looks at him. My feelings are, well, everything combine plus so much, much more.
He is always, always smiling. Even if he gets hurt, he cries for a second and then smiles. It's so awesome. He is our ray of Sunshine! How can you be upset or grumpy when you have this little baby always smiling at you.

Wednesday, October 29, 2008

In Loving Memory of Shane Figueroa

Our hearts are breaking today. On Oct. 25th Matt's cousin, Shane was killed in a car accident while on duty as a Phoenix Police Officer. He was 25 years old and leaves behind a beautiful wife and 3 month old daughter. What a sad, sad day for us all. We find comfort in the gospel. I am so grateful that Aunt Jeanine and Uncle Lavar are home from their mission to provide support for Cory, Jerilyn, Austin, Bronson, and Cassidy. We visited with them all on Sunday night and felt their sorrow and strength. There was ache in their eyes as their heads hung. Uncle Lavar's home was peaceful, there was a source of strength there. Jerilyn's family was able to go there and be fed spiritually and physically. What a blessing!

Shane was loved by so, so many. I think about all the stories that I hear about him and I know there are no regrets. He always did what was right. Such an example to those around him. As Popsie said, "He has moved Upward and Onward".

I am so grateful for a loving Heavenly Father and the "Tender Mercies" He bestows upon us here. In times like these I believe He surrounds us with more angels to provide strength to handle those things that He knows are going to be hard for us. He doesn't abandon us He carries us and tries to prepare us. His heart aches with ours. We are so blest to know what we know. The power of the Priesthood surrounds us.

I pray that all the Figueroa's will be blest with an added measure of strength this Friday and Saturday. They will need it. They will be surrounded with love.

I am grateful that Shane's legacy lives on through Kenzlie!

Wednesday, October 15, 2008


So here it is. One of the many reasons blogging has so been on the back burner. Anyone who wants to come and enjoy is more than welcome!!! No pressure!!! I am doing a Craft Night on Oct. 21st featuring the items above. Check out the kick bum prices. YEAH!!! We love cheap especially right before Christmas. Let me know if you see something you like. Thanks Y'all!!!

Wednesday, August 27, 2008

Things To Remember...

I love it when my kids say off the wall things. I suppose that when they say something incorrectly a good mom would correct them and teach them to say it right, BUT NOT ME! I figure they are only little for such a short time and I would rather enjoy those moments rather than spend time trying to correct them. So here are a few of my favorites.

Sadee - "Who's that?" (Pointing to a picture of their Great Grandpa Robinson)
Savannah - "Ummmm, Meet The Robinson's"
Sadee - "Ooooooh!"

Savannah and Sadee - "We love Terra"biffia" - meaning Terabithia

Savannah - "Daddy is coming back from Cha Laa."
Mom - "Oh really, what's Cha Laa?"
Savannah - "Where daddy works!"

Mom - "Brik you should try not to wake up at 5:30am."
Brik - "Why?"
Mom - "Because that is too early in the morning."
Brik - "But mom, that's just the way I roll."

Savannah - "Mom, Jordan Riber"
Mom - "What?"
Savannah - "You know, Jordan Riber"
Mom - "Oh, you mean Jordan River where Jesus was baptized?"
Savannah - "YYYYYYes!"

Savannah - "Mom, what's the Holy Ghost?"
Mom - "It's something that you feel in your heart that helps you know what's good and bad."
Savannah - Gasp "THERE'S A GHOST IN MY HEART?"

Savannah - "Mom, I want to go to Magic-Stakes." (Gymnastics)

Sadee and Savannah - "Mom look, Light-Ling" - (Lightning)

Mom - "This is a yummy lunch!"
Sadee - "Bomb-Diggity!"

There is not so many from Brik I guess because of his age. He spends most of his time being so bugged that the girls don't say things the right way. That's funny to me too.

Monday, August 4, 2008

Sorry I have been slacking. It has been one crazy month. First with family reuninons and then me starting my business back up. It really makes life crazy for us around here.
I have re-started my business.

Family tuge of war. Grandchildren, under the age of 10 vs. kids over 10. The younger kids won.

Typical Sadee. I do not even know what she was mad about. I think it was because her cousin would not let her ride his bike???

Brik and his 2 best friends, Sammy and Kalab.
Savannah just loving her french toast.

Monday, July 28, 2008


She is just so Beautiful, I can't stand it!!!

Sometimes in our lives we are blessed with moments to be in the presence of babies who were so valiant and faithful in the pre-existence they didn't need to come to this earth to be tested. Addilin "Addi" Joe Cortez was born on July 15th, 2008 weighing 6pds 13oz, 19in. long. She is so beautiful and strong. She has already had to overcome trying challenges and obstacles but is doing so good. I just want Kami and Steve to know that we love them and we have learned so much from their strength and courage through this whole process. Addi couldn't have been blessed with better parents. Kami is such a good mom. Always paying attention to details and making sure that everyone is getting what they need. Steve brings such a strength to the family. I can't forget to mention that he already has plans to take Addi snowboarding when she gets older. So Fun! You guys are Amazing!

Monday, June 23, 2008

Lines Reunion 2008

Savannah saw me with the camera and decided to throw a few dance moves for me.
One thing you have to know about Makenzie is that she has the biggest and best cheeks. When she smilies you almost can't see her eyes because her cheeks cover them. hahaha. It is so dang cute!

These are the boys playing the slap game instigated by Matt, of course!
Shila and Makenzie!
Shila, my step-dad Steve and Makenzie.

Jason makes the BEST Dutch Oven Peach Cobbler. SOOOOO Good!

Jason's war wound. I would have gotten a piture of mine but it was on my booty. HA
Matt's war wound!
Shannel and Heath!

We played a whole lot of paint ball. It was so much fun and such an adreneline rush! It was hard for me to even get up the mountain and by the time I found a spot to hide I couldn't breath! I was dying! It was crazy. These are the boys coming back from a game. We saw them all walking back looking war-stricken so we had to get pictures.

We were all excited to go campimg on Mt. Graham for our Lines reunion this year. This picture is us traveling to Safford. Side Note- Sadee wanted to wear Savannahs shoes that light up to go camping, and of course Savannah didn't want her to. So after 15 mintues of crying I told Savannah that I would get her a fun sucker if she let Sadee wear her shoes. So, of course she chucks her shoes off and says "SURE"! Then as I was getting some last minute things from Wal-mart I saw that huge sucker. I couldn't resist! I was laughing in the store when I picked it up. I wish I would have gotten a picture of her face when I gave it to her. Needless to say she was so glad she went without her shoes.

Wednesday, June 11, 2008

The Bonzai SideWinder

Sam couldn't just slide down either. hahaha

This is Savannah and Brittany(one of Charis's twins). I love Brittany because she reminds me so much of Charis when she was little.

This is our fun in the sun for the kids. We figured something had to take the place of our non-existent pool. Obviously, Brik can't just slide down it. He has to flip!!!

Swimming Lessons for the 1st time ever!!!

This is Brik's instructor. He preferred to call him his coach. He was so funny because as soon as we would get to the pool he would go searching out his instructor. Then when he would find him he would say, "HEY" (real loud) then, "What's up" (a lot quieter). It was so funny to watch. Brik probably thinks that I am a strange mom, because I love to just sit and watch him. Then I am usually smiling when I am staring at him. He is just such a cool kid to me. His loves people and is such a good friend. I often see him giving up what he wants to make sure his friends are happy, not so much with his sisters but at least we got the friend thing down.

Tomorrow is free day so the kids can play on whatever!!! They are going to love it. Brik can't wait to flip off the diving board. Yes, he is crazy!
The girls are doing pretty well with their lessons. They were really timid at first but now they are doing better. They really enjoy being there.

Saturday, June 7, 2008

More Quad Trips. . . . .YOU KNOW!!!

I believe that is Phil with his booty in the air and his head in the water. hahaha
This was our destination. . . the Coke Ovens! I won't tell you what one of the boys thought they looked like.
I had to put an example of what all of our faces looked like. You kind of get used to the fact that everyone has a dirt go-tee. GO SHALICE!!! YOU ROCK!!!

Shalice, Mark, Phil, Brian, Gary, Matt, and I went ridding at Box Canyon the other day. It was lots of F-U-N!!! We came to the Gila River that was too high to ride across, but don't think that would stop the boys. They carried every bike and quad across!!! It was kind of a crazy trip. The quad that Gary was riding lost a tire, yes a tire, while he was riding. This meant that Shalice got to ride with me. hahaha It was fun to have someone to whoop and holla with while going over bumps and through the thicket that tore up our arms. I do want to document, as much as it hurts my pride, that I had my first minor accident. I kind of drove/slipped into a huge rut that threw Shalice and I off the quad. It made for some good laughs.