Friday, February 29, 2008

Double Spoonage

So the other day the girls and I were having some yummy BBQ Beef for lunch and I look over and Savannah was eating with two spoons. I totally started laughing, one because it looked hilarious and two because that is so typical of her. She is always the "One of these kids is doing their own thing" kind of a girl. I often find her in the furthest corner of our back yard digging in the dirt and playing by herself, or having a full on conversation with her reflection in the mirror, and of course Always, Always singing and dancing. Makes for some good times. hahaha

Catchin Air

Matt built a ramp the other day for Brik to jump. It was awesome! Brik loved it!

Back in Buisness

Here are some updated pics of Jett. It was pretty interesting to come home from the hospital and to find what Matt had posted on our blog. So Funny! Jett is such a good baby! I forgot what it was like to have a newborn. They bring such a special spirit into the home. I love all the sounds he makes, the way he smells, and the way he stops and listens every time I talk. There's nothing like it. I am so grateful for our little surprise from Heavenly Father.

Thursday, February 14, 2008

This is so Dang Funny! You have to check it out.