Tuesday, May 6, 2008

Random Things

She finally notices us laughing histerically behind her and then finds it. hahaha You are such a good sport Sarah!
ok, so ignore the blurred portion of Sam'a face and notice the gigantic marshmellow stuck to Sarah's booty. She has NO IDEA!!!

This is Shalice tearing it up on the dance pad.
This is Sam. He was hilarious trying to get in front of the camera as much as possible.
Last night for FHE Sarah and her family came over and we all went quading until it got dark and then we ended the night with a little bit of Dance Revolution while the boys played Rock Band at Shalice's house. It ws so much fun! Jett was obviously loving it too.hahaha

My neices Karissa and Sheldon.
This is my Grandma Lines and Michael's mom!!!

Grandpa Lines!!!
This is Shila holding Makenzie. She is so dang cute, the baby that is, well Shila is too. hahaha

We went to Safford this weekend for Makenzie's blessing and it was so much fun. My mom was nice enough to watch all four of my kids while Matt, Shila, Jason, Dain, and I went on a quad ride up the mountian a little ways in Pima. It has been a while for me so I was loving every minute of it.

Monday, May 5, 2008

And Another Fun Thing

I don't know why all the kids stand over the water to where it hits them in their bums. hahaha Almost all of the kids do it. It's so funny!

My kids love to go to the Santan Village Waterpad. They play and play and then freak out because they are freezing.