Tuesday, June 2, 2009

This past weekend was an adventure. We went camping with a few friends. It was really fun for us and the kids. We went up to Bear Flats up on the rim. It was beautiful. I have never seen it that green up there before. We got up there a little later then we wanted on Friday night so we just set up camp and decided to play some games. It was interesting because we could not have a camp fire because of the restrictions. It was all good though. That night Matt and I decided to let the kids sleep in the tent and we would just be outside on our cots under the stars. Little did we know a storm was coming in and it started to rain on us. So we ran and got a canape put over us. Then it blew off and that was it for me. I went and slept in the suburban the rest of the night if you can call it sleep. The next day was great. Matt decided to take the kids fishing on the Tonto Creek. It was good times. It was amazing. After we went fishing we went up to the fish hatchery and watched them feed over 36,000 fish. It looked like the water was boiling.