Monday, July 28, 2008


She is just so Beautiful, I can't stand it!!!

Sometimes in our lives we are blessed with moments to be in the presence of babies who were so valiant and faithful in the pre-existence they didn't need to come to this earth to be tested. Addilin "Addi" Joe Cortez was born on July 15th, 2008 weighing 6pds 13oz, 19in. long. She is so beautiful and strong. She has already had to overcome trying challenges and obstacles but is doing so good. I just want Kami and Steve to know that we love them and we have learned so much from their strength and courage through this whole process. Addi couldn't have been blessed with better parents. Kami is such a good mom. Always paying attention to details and making sure that everyone is getting what they need. Steve brings such a strength to the family. I can't forget to mention that he already has plans to take Addi snowboarding when she gets older. So Fun! You guys are Amazing!