Thursday, March 6, 2008

Crazy Girls!!!

Then of course the girls couldn't be left out. Sadee was trying to copy Brik while Savannah was trying to hug her. It was cute!

Big Pimpin

Check out Savannah is the corner. hahaha

I told Brik that I wanted to take a picture of him in his suit and this is what he gave me. hahaha

"Missionary in Heavenly Father's Army"

Sunday was fast Sunday and Brik really wanted to bear his testimony. So I talked to him about what he would say when he got up there. He was really excited as always. So at the pulpit when he was bearing it the last thing he said was "I am thankful to be a missionary in Heavenly Father's army." Matt and I were floored. We decided that he got that from a particular song on our church cd that talks about Heavenly Father's army, and one day Matt told him that song was about him. I guess he really was listening.