Wednesday, August 27, 2008

Things To Remember...

I love it when my kids say off the wall things. I suppose that when they say something incorrectly a good mom would correct them and teach them to say it right, BUT NOT ME! I figure they are only little for such a short time and I would rather enjoy those moments rather than spend time trying to correct them. So here are a few of my favorites.

Sadee - "Who's that?" (Pointing to a picture of their Great Grandpa Robinson)
Savannah - "Ummmm, Meet The Robinson's"
Sadee - "Ooooooh!"

Savannah and Sadee - "We love Terra"biffia" - meaning Terabithia

Savannah - "Daddy is coming back from Cha Laa."
Mom - "Oh really, what's Cha Laa?"
Savannah - "Where daddy works!"

Mom - "Brik you should try not to wake up at 5:30am."
Brik - "Why?"
Mom - "Because that is too early in the morning."
Brik - "But mom, that's just the way I roll."

Savannah - "Mom, Jordan Riber"
Mom - "What?"
Savannah - "You know, Jordan Riber"
Mom - "Oh, you mean Jordan River where Jesus was baptized?"
Savannah - "YYYYYYes!"

Savannah - "Mom, what's the Holy Ghost?"
Mom - "It's something that you feel in your heart that helps you know what's good and bad."
Savannah - Gasp "THERE'S A GHOST IN MY HEART?"

Savannah - "Mom, I want to go to Magic-Stakes." (Gymnastics)

Sadee and Savannah - "Mom look, Light-Ling" - (Lightning)

Mom - "This is a yummy lunch!"
Sadee - "Bomb-Diggity!"

There is not so many from Brik I guess because of his age. He spends most of his time being so bugged that the girls don't say things the right way. That's funny to me too.

Monday, August 4, 2008

Sorry I have been slacking. It has been one crazy month. First with family reuninons and then me starting my business back up. It really makes life crazy for us around here.
I have re-started my business.

Family tuge of war. Grandchildren, under the age of 10 vs. kids over 10. The younger kids won.

Typical Sadee. I do not even know what she was mad about. I think it was because her cousin would not let her ride his bike???

Brik and his 2 best friends, Sammy and Kalab.
Savannah just loving her french toast.